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30mm Dia. Radiator hose attachment (for water temperature sensor installation)

 GReddy This is an attachment with a 1/8BSP (JDM 1/8PT) hole for attaching a thermometer or water temperature gauge sensor to the radiator upper hose. 

The material is aluminum and has a blue anodized color, so you can enjoy coordinating it with other Greddy products.

size Compatibility CODE
26φ For EP91 etc., 4E series, CP21V etc., F6A series, L600S engines etc. 16401626
28φ 5E, GA engine only 16401628
30φ For 4AG, BP/B6, B16A series engines, etc. 16401630
32φ For 3S, H22A series engines, etc. 16401632
34φ For SR (S14/S15), JZ, CA engine, etc. 16401634
36φ For SR, RB, 4G63 series engines, etc. 16401636
38φ For 13B series, EJ20 series engines, FA20, etc. 16401638
40φ For VG engines such as Z31 etc. 16401640