When increasing the power of your vehicle, it is important to also consider heat management. A vehicle’s efficiency and longevity is effected drastically by heat. GReddy’s decades of experience and knowledge in high performance products over the years, has lead to effective cooling solutions: GReddy Intercoolers for cooler turbocharger inlet temperatures, GReddy Oil Coolers with thermostats for Engine and Drivetrain components and various Radiator-related items for the engine’s coolant/water system.

Intercooler Kits

Featuring light-weight GReddy air-to-air intercooler cores with our unique Inner-Fin design for optimized cooling.

Oil Cooler Kit

Tried and true GReddy Oil Cooler kits with inner-fin cores and reliable thermostatic oil blocks.

Intercooler & Accessories

GReddy Aluminum charge air piping kits and universal intercooler cores.

Oil Cooler & Accessories

GReddy oil sensor, oil filter relocation and thermostatic oil cooler blocks and oil accessories.

Radiator & Accessories

Light-weight all Aluminum thick core GReddy Radiators, Radiator Hose sets and Cooling system accessories.