PE-R NISSAN GTR R35 09-16 - (10123300)

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GReddy Power Extreme R R35 90#-60#X4-115#X4

Product features

Compliant with noise regulations in 2010 (compliance with acceleration noise regulations)
High power compatible muffler from boost up to turbine replacement. The main pipe is set to 90φ to ensure capacity. In addition, the rear part uses 60φ x 4. We have also repeatedly tested the branch points from 1 to 4, adding rectifier plates to improve exhaust efficiency.
A total of four 140φ and 115φ silencers are used on each side, and the volume is set to within the safety standard compliance value when the genuine catalyst is installed. (However, if either catalyst is removed, the volume may exceed the standard value.)
Couplings were used at the connections to ensure clearance and ground clearance in tight spaces.
The tail uses the popular 115φ browned tail of the Comfort Sports GTS muffler, creating a sporty and luxurious feel.
*When installing on the MY11 model, it is necessary to remove or process the aluminum air guide plate riveted to the inside of the rear diffuser to ensure clearance with the silencer.

Product Specifications 

●Main pipe diameter: 90φ~60φ×4
●Tail diameter: 115φ CS-GTS tail
●Material: Stainless steel (full TIG welding)
●Product volume: 91dB (right) / 92dB (left) / 4800rpm
●Original volume: 89dB (left and right) / 4800rpm

Compatible model: Nissan GT-R

■Vehicle model: CBA-R35 / DBA-R35 / 4BA-R35
■Engine model: VR38DETT
■Year: 2007.12~2010.03 / 2011.11~ (Can be installed on MY17 model)

[Additional compatible models] NISSAN GT-R

■Compatible model: CBA-R35 / DBA-R35 / 4BA-R35
■Engine model: VR38DETT
■Year: 07.12~10.03 / 11.11~ / 19.06~