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(AP1/AP2) F20C F22C
Grey NS1010G core (+540cc or +0.57 quarts) with shroud
M20xP1.5 Oil Filter Relocation Type

12058005 – Honda (AP1, AP2) 2000-08 S2000 Oil Cooler Kit

The GReddy Performance Products V2 10row Oil Cooler Kit with the remote oil filter relocation was designed to prolong engine oil and engine life of the F20/F22 high performance engine(s). By mounting the oil cooler core in an un-interrupted location, in front of the LHD driver-side bumper center opening with air diversion panel, it maximized air flow though the core. The inclusive kit features a large 10row GPP air-to-oil heat exchanger, GREX engine oil filter removal block, and external oil filter relocation block with internal thermostat for quick warmups. The it also includes pre-made high performance -10 oil lines with matching AN fitting, aluminum air diversion panels and all the necessary mounting brackets and hardware.

GPP Oil Cooler Kits help prolong the life of your oil and in turn your internal engine components. Hard driving causes higher engine temperatures. Factory oil coolers are normally small, water-cooled devices sandwiched between the oil filter and engine block. These tax the cooling system even under normal driving conditions. GPP oil coolers are an excellent addition and are especially effective in harsh driving environments. They increase oil capacity, decrease oil temperatures, and extend engine and oil life.