GTR R35 SUCTION KIT TYPE-2 LONG - (12020906)

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Suction kit 70Φ R35 GTR

Product features

Fresh air is taken in directly from the grille and completely isolated from the heat in the engine compartment. (Basically, we recommend removing and removing the bumper when installing the kit and replacing the filter.)


[70Φ parts list]

Suction tube S-1 ( right bank 70φ) × 1 Suction tube S-2 ( right bank 60φ) × 1 Suction tube S-3 ( left bank 70φ) × 1 Suction tube S-4 ( left bank 60φ) × 1       

AIRINX ( S70 ) ×2       

ECU resetting will be required.


Compatible model: Nissan GT-R

■Vehicle model: R35
■Engine model: VR38DETT
■Year: 07.12~