GREDDY TW-M JB64W 42.7#-76# - (10195200)

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TW muffler JB64W / JB74W

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Product features

■ Compatible with vehicle inspections
■ Easily power up and dress up by replacing only the rear piece
■ Titanium-like heat gradation applied to the newly adopted 76φ double pipe tail to create a luxurious rear view
■ Straight structure based on the GReddy muffler series Achieves increased output and comfortable sound without muffled sound
■ Made entirely of stainless steel, with buffed finish for improved luxury and durability


■Division/caliber: 1 division 42.7φ
■Replacement part: Rear piece
■Tail shape: 76φ Titanium style heat gradation
■Material: SUS
■Genuine proximity exhaust noise: 79dB/4500rpm
■Proximity exhaust noise: 84dB /4500rpm
■Minimum ground clearance: 369 mm・Tail part (fender height: right front 823 mm, left front 820 mm, right rear 837 mm, left rear 835 mm)
*When installing to Jimny Sierra (JB74W), the adjustable muffler hanger (CODE: 11000450) for TW muffler is required. It will be required.