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707238011 - Optional JDM GReddy X Works Bell Rapfix Key Lock System - Black (sold separately)

[Product features]
-A new vehicle anti-theft device. "Ball Lock System Rafix" is required to use this product.
-Adopts a cylinder shape that can be easily attached by simply inserting it into the "Rafix" plug (on the vehicle side) and turning it, making it difficult to pick.
-Since it does not use electricity, there is no risk of malfunction.
-Since the surface is anodized, it is not easily scratched.
-Equipped with a security structure that sounds the horn of the vehicle when this product is forcibly moved.

[Product Specifications] Worksbell Rafix Key
Lock System + e
Body: Black Alumite
Logo: Laser Engraving
Accessories: 2 Keys

[Compatible Vehicles] Universal 
* Ball Lock System

≪If the key is lost, You can contact WorksBell for a replacement  key
You can create a duplicate key with the serial number of the cylinder and your ID card.  
* Since the serial number does not have the same number, the type of key is not specified.

* The main body may become very hot due to direct sunlight such as in summer. Please be careful about burns.