CS-GTS V.2 TOYOTA 86 12-17 - (10110732)

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JDM - Edition TRUST Comfort Sports GTS Ver.2 exhaust.

GReddy Comfort Sports GTS ver.2 for ZN6/ZC6

Replacement type from center pipe Sporty and performance-oriented

  • GReddy This muffler is even more sporty and performance-oriented than the Comfort Sports GTS.
  • By changing the main pipe from middle to dual and adopting a straight layout, we have achieved improved output and secured ground clearance.
  • The small silencers placed on the left and right sides are 3.7kg lighter than the original model, contributing to improved maneuverability.
  • Pursuing the pleasant sound, power, and high response typical of NA.
  • The tail end uses heat gradation.
  • A plate with the GReddy logo (registered design) is installed between the left and right silencers, making this muffler highly dressable.

Product Specifications

  • Division/Aperture: 3 divisions/60φ~50φ×2
  • Replacement part: after catalyst
  • Material: SUS
  • Tail shape: Tail diameter 115φ
  • Genuine proximity exhaust noise: 82dB (left and right) / 5250rpm
  • Proximity exhaust noise: 94dB (right), 93dB (left) / 5250rpm
  • Compliant with 2010 noise regulations (acceleration noise regulations)

Minimum ground clearance metric data

(Dimensions of each part when the muffler is installed on the vehicle.Dimensions of each part may differ from the standard data due to individual vehicle differences and replacement parts.)

  • Right front fender: 668mm
  • Left front fender: 669mm
  • Right rear fender: 680mm
  • Left rear fender: 682mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 140mm (intermediate silencer/rear member lower pipe part)
  • Tail height: 270mm (left and right)

Compatible models: Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

  • Vehicle model: DBA-ZN6,4BA-ZN6 / DBA-ZC6,4BA-ZC6
  • Engine model: FA20
  • Year: 12.4~ / 12.3~
  • Note: Can be installed later
  • Grade: Compatible with all grades
  • *Weight: Original 17.7kg GTS ver.2: 14.0kg
  • CODE:10110732

Chassis: ZN6

Engine: 4U-GSE

Single to dual piping and dual muffler section cat-back exhaust

Number of Pieces:  2

Piping:  60mm (2.36in) to dual 50mm (2")

Tip: 115mm (4.5in.)  Double Wall Stainless Steel

         with burnt Ti colored finish

Resonator:  Yes

Silencer: No

Weight: 30.8 lbs

Sound level: 94-93 dBA