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GReddy Aluminum Radiator TW-R JZX100/110
Product features

By making the core thicker than the standard radiator, the cooling water capacity is greatly secured.

Improves cooling efficiency and reduces pressure loss. Also, since it is made entirely of aluminum, the increase in weight has been reduced. (Core thickness: 50mm)

*Shroud processing required (JZX110)

* AIR INX SET TY-M 004B JZX100 (12511004)

 Requires AIR INX SET TY-M024B JZX110 (12511024)

* Not compatible with genuine air cleaner vehicles

* Cannot be installed simultaneously with radiator pipe


[Compatible models] Toyota Mark II series

Vehicle model: JZX100/JZX110

E/G model: 1JZ-GTE

Year: JZX100 96.09~00.10/JZX110 00.10 ~ 04.11

Note: AT vehicles not available


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