Artec Nissan SR20 V-Band Turbo Exhaust Manifold

Sale price$1,210.00

SR20-VBAND-HM-EX / 58520012


  • 33mm ID runners
  • 50 to 55mm ID on the Inlet Flange
  • Single 44/45/46mm Wastegate Flange Mount with up to 50mm possible   positioned to allow for easy routing for a plumb back or vent to air layout
  • Designed for easy oil and water line routing
  • V-Band allows you to run a straight forward facing turbo layout our pointed out to the side depending on taste and turbo selection.
  • SR20DET

*For competition (race) use ONLY. Check legality of aftermarket products with your local state, county, city authorities before purchasing.

The SR20DET manifold can be adjusted to suit VVL heads, however you will need to port 3mm in the height of the exhaust port on the manifold flange for fitment. 


ARTEC's revolutionary turbo manifolds with industry leading SUS347 stainless steel investment cast construction, are now available through GReddy Performance Products.

All Artec manifolds are engineered and designed from the ground up, CFD simulated and, most importantly, tested in the real world to achieve maximum flow and heat dispersion. The cast stainless construction allows us to maximise flow and efficiency by having smooth merging angles and eliminating any restrictions from tight radius bends or runners.

The result is a truly optimized manifold with consistent performance, resistant to heat pooling and cracking, plus a beautiful smooth exterior finish.

Designed and tested in Australia by Artec Performance