Artec Toyota 2JZ-GTE T4-Turbo Exhaust Manifold

Sale price$1,485.00

2JZ-GTE-T4-EX / 58510020

Artec 2JZ GTE T4 split pulse twin wastegates manifold.

*For competition (race) use ONLY. Check legality of aftermarket products with your local state, county, city authorities before purchasing.

It’s been designed to fit ALL OEM 2JZ GTE Chassis’. It fits GS,SC,IS,Supra and more. They fit both LHD and RHD. They can accept Turbos as small as a GT30 as well as G35 G40 G42 G45 PTE 5858, 6262 6466 6766 6870 7175 8080 and 8685.

The twin wastegates design allows for flawless boost control at any boost level and with ant turbo combo. This manifold features 36mm ID runners. Cast in 347 stainless steel like all of our other turbo manifolds.

This particular design can also be fitted using the OEM Toyota studs, no need to cut or replace. The wastegates are designed to be easily plumbed back into the exhaust or run as vent to atmosphere.


ARTEC's revolutionary turbo manifolds with industry leading SUS347 stainless steel investment cast construction, are now available through GReddy Performance Products.

All Artec manifolds are engineered and designed from the ground up, CFD simulated and, most importantly, tested in the real world to achieve maximum flow and heat dispersion. The cast stainless construction allows us to maximise flow and efficiency by having smooth merging angles and eliminating any restrictions from tight radius bends or runners.

The result is a truly optimized manifold with consistent performance, resistant to heat pooling and cracking, plus a beautiful smooth exterior finish.

Designed and tested in Australia by Artec Performance