Garage Active Flip Up Type Tow Hook(s) (R32/R33/R34)


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44881302 - Front Tow Hook Flip Up Type (R32)
44881303 - Front Tow Hook Flip Up Type (R33/R34)
44881353 - Rear Tow Hook Flip Up Type (R33/R34)  

Our selection includes towing hooks for BNR32, BCNR33, and BNR34. Choose from a variety of options, including a basic steel plate type or a multi-piece removable design. These bolt-on hooks are specifically designed to fit with the genuine bumper, eliminating the need for any welding.

1989-94  Nissan (BNR32) Skyline GT-R
1995-98  Nissan (BCNR33) Skyline GT-R
1999-02  Nissan (BNR34) Skyline GT-R

Garage Active, Japan