V2 Rocket Bunny / Pandem DRL Light Kit - In Stock

TRA Kyoto

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Rocket Bunny / Pandem V2 LED Light Kit
   White LED Daytime running lights with amber turn signals

- Imported from TRA Kyoto, Rocket Bunny

For use with Rocket Bunny Version 2 Front Bumper 
 on FR-S/BRZ, RX-7, 350Z, GT-R, S15 & NSX

10 LED DRL Light Kit with controller

Basic Wiring Instructions:
   Black (-)   Ground
   Red (+)    Power
   Yellow       ACC
   White       Positive Headlight
   Gray        12V to Flash/Blinker
     Brown   Blinker Set A LED
     Green   Blinker Set B LED

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