TURBO KIT JZX100 TD06SH 20RX Actuator Type - (11510064)

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GReddy Turbine Kit Actuator Type JZX100

Product features

・TD06SH20RX is set for the actuator type turbine kit for JZX100. Comes with special piping.

・By using the genuine shape exhaust housing, it can be bolted on to the genuine exhaust manifold and outlet.

・The compressor cover adopts the same type of S cover as the waste gate specification with emphasis on suction efficiency.


・At the minimum boost pressure of 0.95k (320ps), genuine injectors and genuine fuel pumps can be used.
・Over 400ps can be achieved by resetting the ECU, replacing the injector, and fuel pump. (Corresponding output 320-440ps)

[Product composition]
・Turbine body: TD06SH-20RX (exhaust housing for 1JZ, reinforced machined actuator)
・Suction tube: Aluminum 80Φ
・Compression tube: Aluminum 60Φ
・Blow-off valve FVII
・Set of short parts

Compatible model: JZX100
Engine model: 1JZ-GTE
Year: 96.09-01.10
TRUST CODE: 11510064