TRUST I/C T-19 V-MOUNT FD3S Ver. 2 (M/C) FULL KIT - (12040705 / 12040722)

Sale price$3,650.00

 12040705 - V2 late-model FD3S V-mounter Intercooler/Radiator Full Kit
*12040722 - V2 late-model FD3S V-mounter Intercooler/Radiator kit w/o rad. breather tank

FD3S RX-7 Type19 V-mount Intercooler Kit(s)

Initially designed for a drag racing set-up, the GReddy V-mounted Type-19 Intercooler / TWR Radiator kit for the Mazda (FD3S) RX-7, is also very popular with circuit track cars with aero hoods.  It features our renown, light-weight, tube and inner-fin, 3row air to air core, that measures L400xH266xW100mm with high-flow cast end-tanks and our high-capacity TWR L631xH355xW48 aluminum radiator. The two coolers each have specially designed bracketry to mounted the pair in an ideal “V” configuration.  This favors engine cooling for the radiator, while still providing great flow and minimizing intercooler piping length for improved turbo response.  The provided air diversion panels help direct air from the front bumper opening to the two heat exchangers for maximum air-flow and cooling. 

There are three main kit types for the newer V2 design with the newer Airinx S air filters, this is the more-complete kit which include the all the intercooler piping (with a model specific cast elbow for the turbo outlet) and suction tubes along with twin, strategically-located, open-air Airinx S air intake filters.  p/n 12040705 for the “Kouki” later-model FD3S.  All three kits include the iconic cast aluminum GReddy 13B-REW compression pipe, “cold-pipe” Type 19 Intercooler, TWR radiator, GReddy Radiator Breather tank and a system to modify the power-steering cooler.

Product features

Mounting angle

The radiator mount angle is set taking into consideration the ease with which air can escape when driving.

Intercooler piping layout

Piping layout considering aero bonnet installation.

The full kit for the latter half comes with a special elbow that takes into consideration the passage area.

Air diversion plates

Air guide plates are included for the radiator and intercooler. Improves cooling efficiency by preventing air from escaping through the bumper opening.

Fresh air introduction layout

The air cleaner is placed as far forward as possible so that it is less affected by engine heat. We have adopted AIRINX, which has both suction efficiency and dust collection ability.