Sirius Meter(s) - Analog Gauge with sensor

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Select Meter Set Type:: Oil Pressure Meter & Sensor - 16001733 preorder, call for ETA

Select Meter Set Type:

16001730 - Turbo Boost Vacuum / Pressure Range: -.99 ~2.5 kPa
16001731 - Water (Coolant) Temperature Range: 0 ~120 C
16001732 - Oil Temperature Range: 20 ~140 C 
16001733 - Oil Pressure Range: 0 ~10.0 kPa
16001734 - Fuel Pressure Range: 0 ~6.0 kPa

The Sirius Meter incorporates three-dimensional elements into its classic, user-friendly, analog GReddy gauge dial to enhance the display of crucial engine readings. This updated design also allows for the unit to be integrated with a Sirius Vision to provide even more data.
(Sirius Meter Video Clip)

* [ Requires Sirius Control Unit  p/n 16001721 sold separately ]

● Sirius Control Unit (sold separately) is required for the Sirius Unify set
● Included with each Sirius Meter is the corresponding Boost Sensor and Harness set
● Peak Hold Memory function recalls the maximum value readings recorded
● White LED illumination for normal conditions and red LED for warning
● Each Sirius Meter includes a dedicated meter mount and meter harness
● Compatible with 12V vehicles  

   Replacement Sensor sets:  [ Boost / Pressure / Temperature  ]

Also see GReddy Sirius (Analog) Meters:
              Turbo Boost / Fuel Press / Oil Press / Oil Temp / Water Temp

  and GReddy Sirius Unify sets:
        1x Sirius Vision + 1x Sirius (Analog) Meter:
              Turbo Boost / Fuel Press / Oil Press / Oil Temp / Water Temp

* GReddy Sirius Control Unit required.