OIL COOLER NS1310G/STD GDB(A,B) - (12064605)

Sale price$870.00

Oil cooler kit STD 13row for GDB (A/B)

Product features

  • This is an ideal oil cooler that uses a large capacity core with offset fins inside the core tube to increase heat dissipation and reduce pressure loss.
  • A sandwich block is used in the standard oil filter position to reduce the number of parts and achieve efficient installation work.

Product Specifications

  • Core type: NS1310G
  • Thermostat: Built-in block
  • Core installation location: Inside the left fender
  • Center bolt size: M20 x P1.5

Compatible models: SUBARU Impreza

  • Vehicle model: GDB (A/B)
  • E/G model: EJ20(T)
  • Year: 00.08~
  • CODE:12064605


  • For M/T only With aluminum air guide For A/B types only.
  • Mudguard, exhaust cover processing required