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[Compatible models: Suzuki Cappuccino]

■Vehicle model: E-EA11R/E-EA21R
■Engine model: F6A/K6A
■Year: 91.10~95.5, 95.5~98.10

GReddy intercooler kit / aluminum piping set also shown

Lineup of intercooler kit and piping kit for EA11R/21R

Product features

  • The intercooler kit is a genuine replacement type that uses a core that is 177% UP compared to the original product.
  • The aluminum piping set is a set that aims to improve response and dress up the engine room by changing the turbine OUT ~ genuine I/C, genuine I/C ~ throttle to aluminum pipes. 

[Example of intercooler kit installed]

  • Core size: H158 x L231 x W76
  • Genuine replacement type
  • Side tank, pipe barrel polished finish
  • Pipe diameter 38Φ

[Example of aluminum piping set installed]

  • Aluminum 38Φ (barrel polished finish)
  • Turbo OUT ~ Intercooler Intercooler ~ Throttle

[Intercooler kit + aluminum piping set installation example]

By installing the intercooler kit and aluminum piping at the same time, it becomes full aluminum piping.  


① [GReddy intercooler kit SPEC-K EA11R]
■CODE: 12090610 
② [GReddy aluminum piping set EA11R]
■CODE: 12090900 
①+② [Intercooler kit SPEC-K + aluminum piping set]
■CODE: 12090611