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16600008 - GReddy Lighty Wood 47mm-dish Steering Wheel

  Color :  Gloss Light Wood Finish
  Shape :   
  Material :    
Wood finished in a light stain
  Diameter : 
(depth front to back) :  47mm (med dish)
  Spoke :  
Clear anodized aluminum three-spoke design 
  Grip :  
Ergonomic 27-30mm (with shallow finger groves on the back side)
  Embossed : 
GReddy logo - center spoke
  Horn Button :  
larger black with GReddy horn logo
  Mounting hole pitch : "Import 6-bolt"  PCD=70mm
  also includes Horn button cables, 6 tapered-head Allen bolts, nuts
  and allan L-wrench

NOTE   *Use of this hub will also require an application-specific adapter steering wheel boss for your vehicle  (sold separately - i.e. HKB, Momo, Sparco, etc...)

* It maybe illegal drive a vehicle, originally equipped with air bags on public roads, please check your local laws before purchasing.

GReddy Steering Wheels were developed and tested though our GReddy Racing pro-drift and TRUST Racing Team programs.  As with drifting, tuning enthusiast admire style as well as function.  GReddy Steering Wheels provide the driver comfort, enhanced steering feel and improved interior styling.  The contrasting GReddy Yellow, Teal and Navy-Blue colored stitching to the black leather rim and anodized black spokes speak of our racing heritage, while 340mm diameter and medium wheel dish provide comfort for everyday driving.  Included with each wheel is tapered bolts and a GReddy horn button.  A wheel hub adapter is required and the GReddy Steering Wheel is compatible with most common "import" hub adapters.