Garage Active "SS Active" SUS "Silent" Exhaust(s) (R32/R33/R34)


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44889102 - R32 SS Active "Silent Muffler" Stainless Exhaust
44889103 - R33 SS Active "Silent Muffler" Stainless Exhaust
44889104 - R34 SS Active "Silent Muffler" Stainless Exhaust 

This "SS Active" SUS "Silent" Exhaust(s) (R32/R33/R34) features a large pre-muffler designed for optimal noise reduction and support for high power. Despite its ability to handle high power, it maintains a moderate sound level.

1989-94  Nissan (BNR32) Skyline GT-R
1995-98  Nissan (BCNR33) Skyline GT-R
1999-02  Nissan (BNR34) Skyline GT-R 

Garage Active, Japan