Rocket Bunny Aero (V1) - Nissan GT-R (R35)

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2009-15 Nissan GT-R (R35)
Rocket Bunny Aero Kit - FRP (Call for *Carbon & **Aluminum Options available )

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Part Number Description Price
17020635 Complete Widebody Aero Kit with GT Wing
17020630 Front Bumper (only) FRP $ 2200.00
17020631 Front Upper Lip (only) FRP *
$ 770.00
17020632 Front Lower Lip (only) FRP
$ 880.00
17020634 Front Lip Splitter (only) $ 235.00
17020636 Front Canards (only) FRP * $ 770.00
17020638 Front Fender Canards (only) FRP * $ 550.00
17020640 Side Canards (only) FRP *
$ 770.00
17020642 Front Over-Fenders (only) FRP +50mm
$ 1980.00
17020643 Rear Over-Fenders (only) FRP +75mm $ 1980.00
17020644 Rear Diffuser (only) FRP * ** $ 1980.00
17020645 GT Wing Uprights (only) $1000.00
17020647 GT Wing Element (only) FRP *
$ 1980.00
17020648 GT Wing hardware (only) $ 1100.00
17020649 GT Wing rods (only)
$ 330.00
17020230 Ver.2 LED DRL / Signal Light Kit (only) $ 185.00

Important Note: * All sourced Rocket Bunny Pandem aero parts come direct from the TRA Kyoto, Japan.  Each part is designed by Ken Miura from his computer scans and CNC molds.  Each part is manufactured in Japan with high quality materials and time-consuming care to insure it's designed shape.   All Rocket Bunny PANDEM FRP aero parts come in a raw gel-coat finish, that will require paint prep ( to fill small surface imperfections, cover hairline surface cracks in the finish and sand seams and edges for fine fitment) and to smooth out the surface finish before paint.  Parts may have minor imperfections that will require touch up and paint prep.  Most example images shown are computer generated renderings or cars with professional paint prep and painting.  It is always recommend to prep and paint the FRP items before final installation. 

+ Body cutting and inner fender sealing required for installation.

TRA KYOTO Recommend Wheel and Tire Specs. for this kit:
20" F 11J -10 (285/35) R 11J -65 (285/35)


 This body kit replaces the front OEM turn signal lights with aftermarket DRL LED type lights which can be wired to operate as driving lights and/or turn signals. However these lights are not DOT or E approved as this kit was originally developed for sales in Japan.  It maybe unlawful to tamper, remove or replace DOT or E approved items with non-approved lights on street driven motor vehicles. The included DRL / signal lights should only be installed and used for off-road, competition show purposes, not for public street or highway use.  Please be sure to check with your local and federal laws before purchasing or installing. 

* Cancellations on orders may be subject to a 20% restock fee