BLUE 100MM DIA. SILICONE HOSE L100MM - (11900809)

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Blue GReddy Silicone hose (3PLY)

A hose with a sandwich structure of silicone and fiber.

It is a combination of Nomex and silicone.

It has superior heat resistance, expansion resistance, and corrosion resistance compared to rubber hoses.

Blue silicone hose with printed white GReddy logo 

Size (inner diameter) length wall thickness Compatible size band
(manufactured by Tridon)
Compatible size band
(dual bead type)
32φ 60mm 3.5mm #16 DB-1,DB-2 11900773
34φ 60mm 3.5mm #20 DB-2,DB-3 11900774
45φ 70mm 3.5mm #28 DB-3,DB-4 11900794
50φ 70mm 3.5mm #32 DB-4 11900795
54φ 60mm 3.5mm #32 DB-4,DB-5 11900785
60φ 70mm 3.5mm #36 DB-5,DB-6 11900796
70φ 70mm 3.5mm #44 DB-6 11900797
80φ 80mm 3.5mm #48 DB-6,DB-7 11900808
100φ 100mm 3.5mm #64 DB-8 11900809