GReddy Shift Badge Sets (or Auto Trans Adapter set) - ShopGReddy Exclusive

$30.00 $37.00

New GReddy Shift Knob Emblem Toppers.

 99900012 - Shift Knob Adapter for GReddy Type A Shift Knobs on
                       M8xP1.25 Auto Trans Gear Shift Selectors 
                         +plus Auto GReddy Emblems (2x All Terrain, 2x Total Tune-up logos)


* below p/n's do not included any adapters.  

* 99900010 - Retro GReddy 5 speed Shift Knob Emblem Set (3x + 1 bonus) only

* 99900011 - Retro GReddy 6 speed Shift Knob Emblem Set (3x + 1 bonus) only

* 99900009 - Retro Euro Pattern 5 & 6 speed GReddy Shift Knob Emblem Set (6x) only

       - New Retro-design GReddy shift knob "Bubble*" Emblems
with adhesive back. - 5 or 6 speed or Euro shift pattern or Auto sets.

These original shift emblems are direct replacements for the older Traditional GREX shift knobs of the past.  However they can be placed on top the blue "coin" topper on the new Type A Shift Knobs for a similar look. Shift Knob sold separately

Size: 24.75mm diameter  - 2.5mm thick