GPP Exclusive, Limited GReddy Datsun 510 Kaido Pro Street - Bay-side Blue w/ GReddy Nobori Flag, Boost Brigade Decal and Greddy Pin


Release date, Saturday, 9/10 9:00am - JCCS EVENT  (Online 6:00pm PST)
                (* International Customers for this Capsule okay - see below) 

P/N 25801023X - KAIDOHOUSE X GREDDY X BOOST BRIGADE collab. 510 Pro-Street +  GReddy Pin

     *9/10 6:00pm PST - EXCLUSIVE BAYSIDE-BLUE COLOR-WAY, ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH SHOPGREDDY - Double hologram decal on packaging

* For International Customers - Paypal is recommended, this transaction will only place a hold on your payment method to reserve one unit (no funds will be captured on this hold unless it is by Paypal).  After the Online Event, we will email you a corrected PayPal invoice to complete with the corrected shipping price.  

*** additional shipping may be required for int'l orders - you will receive email for fees

  Mini GT 1/64 scale, opening hood with engine detail.

     Wheels and Tires - Skinnies up front and Drag slicks out back. 

Please note:  This item will only ship to a confirmed billing address (or confirmed PayPay shipping address)

Jun Imai of Kaido House Garage has teamed up with GReddy/GPP once again, with the release of this special color way just for