GReddy Oil Cooler Filter Block Adapter Type-I - Remote Filter

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Filter Size, Optional Bypass: Optional -10AN Bypass Tube for Type I Oil Block

Filter Size, Optional Bypass

   Universal Remote Oil Filter Oil Block (Type I) AN10  for 3/4x16UNF Filter
   Universal Remote Oil Filter Oil Block (Type I) AN10  for M20xP1.5 Filter
   *optional -10AN bypass tube (if no oil cooler is used) - NEW! 


GReddy Universal Remote Oil Filter Oil Block Type I with AN -10 Fittings.  With built-in GReddy Thermostat. (70-80 C) for 3/4x16UNF filters
*Ideal for custom Oil Cooler Kits with oil filter relocation. 

* Must use GReddy Sized Oil Filters : QX-01 P/N 13901101 or QX-03 P/N 13901103 (3/4"x16UNF) or AE86 - 4AG sized Oil Filter.

- Ideally to used with -10 AN Oil Block Adapter to engine without thermostat :
   Type- B: M20 x P1.5 - P/N 12401129 or 3/4 x 16UNF - P/N 12401111 (sold separately) or 
Type-F: M20 x P1.5 - P/N 12401131 or 3/4 x 16UNF - P/N 12401135 (sold separately)

Use P/N 16400721 for 1/8PT ports to use with Pressure & Temperature Sensors

Replacement Parts for Type-I Oil Block (HERE)